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Registration of Births outside Sri Lanka


  • The birth of the child should have taken place in the USA.
  • The father or mother of the child should be a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of the child's birth.
  • The father or mother of the child (who is a Sri Lankan) can apply for the registration of the birth.
   Documents to be Submitted   (Show Details...)

The Application Form(s)

Download: Birth Registration Forms

For applications submitted after 1 year of birth 2 sets of original applications (a - f) should be submitted.
For applications submitted within one year of birth 2 sets of original applications (a - f) should be submitted.
  1. Prescribed form "Citizenship –1" Registration of Birth outside Sri Lanka.
  2. Prescribed form "B4" (if the application is submitted within 3 months of the child's birth).
  3. Prescribed form "B6" (if the application is submitted after 3 months of the child's birth). - (Forms "B4"/"B6" and "Citizenship - 1 " to be completed and signed by one and the same parent. Two signatures are required on the reverse of Form "B4"/"B6", one over the "informant" and the other across the cage – no stamp is needed. Do not sign the declaration appearing soon after clause 10 of B6, as this has to be completed by the Consulate General only.
  4. Declaration of Sri Lankan parent/s of a child born outside Sri Lanka.
  5. If the child's birth was not registered within one year of the birth, a letter signed by both parents, giving reasons as to why it was not registered within the first year of birth.
  6. Document titled "Affidavit relating to Paternity and Declaration of Citizenship", if parents were not legally married at the time of child's birth.
The following ORIGINAL documents should be submitted for verification and will be returned after perusal. A photocopy of all the originals must be attached to each of the applications.
  • Birth Certificate of the child (where the names of both parents appear) issued by the Authorities in the USA where the child was born.
  • Marriage Certificate (not translations) of the parents.
  • Birth Certificates (not translations) of parents.
  • Valid passports of both parents with photo copies of
    • Photo page
    • Endorsement / alteration pages
    • Visa page at the time of the birth of the child
  • Dual citizens should submit the dual citizenship certificate and Naturalisation certificates.
  • Any other documents that may be required.
For an Andorsement in a Parent's Passport (If 'M' series Passport)
Inclusion of children in the passport could be done simultaneously with the Registration of Birth of the child at the Consulate General.

Application Form

Prescribed form IM 35 "C" signed by the applicant (father or mother holding 'M' series passport) with three colour photographs of the child (2.5 cm x 3.0 cm)
  • Two of which (photographs) to be affixed to the form. The verification photograph should be attested by a Notary Public or a General Practitioner on the face of the photograph.
  • The third photograph to be attested on the reverse and attached to the top left hand corner of the application.

Documents Required

  • Copy of child's Birth Certificate (USA)
  • A letter signed by the father giving his consent for the inclusion of the name of the child in mother's passport or vice versa if it is to be included in the father's passport (specimen attached).
  • The child must be below 16 years of age at the time of application.
  • Copies of parents’ passports (photo page).
Endorsement of child's name in mother's or father's passport would take one (1) day. Fees
  • For registration of birth within one year and to issue the Birth Certificate - $30.
  • Surcharge per year for non registration - $15/-.
  • To endorse the child’s name in the passport of a parent (M series only) - $10
  • For returning parents' passports and other original documents include $20/- (if you are within the California State) and $25/- (if you are outside the State) being courier charges, at the time of submitting your application.
Payments should be Made by Cash or Money Order or Cashier's Cheques Drawn in Favour of 'Consulate General of Sri Lanka'

Other Information

  1. This Consulate General will issue the Birth Certificate under the Consular Function Act within a period of three months from the date of registration. This certificate will be sent via post to the applicants address provided in the application form. Any change of address should be informed to this Consulate General in writing quoting the receipt number, date, child’s full name and date of birth.
  2. Certificate of Registration under the Citizenship Act (Citizenship Certificate) is issued by the Citizenship Division of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo. The parents will be notified in writing once it is received as this has to be collected personally from this Consulate General.
  3. Parents can apply for a separate Sri Lankan passport issued by the Immigration Department for the child after receiving the Birth Certificate and the Citizenship Certificate. Until then, parents can apply to endorse a child's name in a parent's passport ('M' series passport only) issued by this Consulate General.

Forms to be downloaded as necessary
  • Citizenship 1 Form - (4 pages) - Application for Registration of a Birth outside Sri Lanka. (Ceylon)
  • Registration B-4 Form - (2 pages) - Declaration of birth within three months under section 16
  • Registration B-6 Form - (2 pages) - Declaration of birth after three months under section 24
  • Declaration of Citizenship - (1 pages) - Declaration of Sri Lankan parent/s of a child born outside Sri Lanka
  • Reason for Non Registration of Birth of a child outside Sri Lanka - (1 pages)
  • Form C (IM 35C) - (1 pages) - Application for inclusion of children
  • Consent letter by one parent to include a child in the other parents passports - (1 page)
  • Consent of the parents to issue separate passport for the child - (1 page)
  • Form K IM 35 - (2 pages) - Application data page and Declaration page
  • IM 35 B - (1 page) - Photo/Signature card

All incomplete applications will be returned and payment will not be refunded.

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